How can bamboo products contribute to sustainable environment?

At Bamboo-Expo we really care about the environment and love to give tips to help others make a positive impact. Our natural resources are depleting, and it’s one of the major concerns today. There have been alarming reports on how we use these limited resources in wasteful ways. Bamboo is an environment-friendly product that can be used instead of wood in many cases. Here are the main reasons why bamboo products can contribute to the sustainable environment.

Renewable resource


Bamboo can easily be harvested within one to five years time. If you compare it with hardwoods which take 40 years to mature, bamboo is a much viable option. Every week more than one million acres of forests are lost due to deforestation. Bamboo can be used as substitutes for hardwoods. So, we can cut down on the rate of deforestation and protect our remaining forests.

Absorbs greenhouse gasses


Bamboo absorbs more carbon dioxide like hardwood trees but can release 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere compared to hardwood trees. So, it is more environment-friendly than wood.

Little waste


Majority part of the plant can be used to make different products. You can make chopsticks to furniture using bamboo.  So, there is little wastage compared to wood. Bamboo can now replace wood for building materials, flooring, and other applications.

No pesticides used during harvesting


You don’t need to treat bamboo with any pesticides. Harvesting bamboo doesn’t release any harmful chemical to the environment. So, it’s very environment-friendly.

Bamboo products are becoming popular now as people have become more cautious about having a sustainable environment to live it. Increased use of bamboo can protect our environment. Contact us with any questions!

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