Our Services

With our bamboo fencing, screening and panels you can easily create a new backyard or other designs. We provide the following services for our customers.


Installing bamboo fencing

It can provide a beautiful garden structure. The color and texture of the natural bamboo blend well with nature. The elegance and flexibility of bamboo fencing make it a popular choice for landscaping.


Installing bamboo screening

Bamboo screening can be used to partition walkways or gardens. It can be used as a decorative screen or to define a particular space. You can use our bamboo screen indoors as well as room dividers.


Installing bamboo poles

We sell both individual and bundled poles. Our bundled poles are more affordable than the individual ones. These poles can be used to make flutes, flag poles, etc. It can also be used as tops of pergola for giving diffused light and other internal features. The larger poles can be used as water pipes and gutters.

Bamboo has many uses. It is used for structural and aesthetic needs. We supply our bamboo products in an unvarnished condition. You may need to varnish it before using depending on the place you are going to install it. Call us today to place your order.